Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Assigning User Forms to an Admin Role

You can specify a user form to for the members of an admin role. Use the Assign To Users tab on the create admin role or edit admin role view to specify the assignments.

The administrator assigned the admin role will use this user form when creating or editing users in the organizations controlled by that admin role. A user form assigned through an admin role overrides any user form that is inherited from the organization of which the admin is a member. This user form does not override a user form that is directly assigned to the admin.

The user form that is used when editing a user is determined in this order of precedence:

If an admin is assigned more than one admin role that controls the same organization but specifies different user forms, then an error is displayed when he attempts to create or edit a user in that organization. If an admin attempts to assign two or more admin roles that control the same organization but specify different user forms, then an error is displayed. Changes cannot be saved until the conflict is resolved.