Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Setting Up Account Approvers

Setting up account approvers for organization, role, and resource approvals is optional, but recommended. For each category in which approvers are set up, at least one approval is required for account creation. If one approver rejects a request for approval, the account is not created.

You can assign more than one approver to each category. Because only one approval within a category is needed, you can set up multiple approvers to help ensure workflow is not delayed or halted. If one approver is unavailable, others are available to handle requests. Approval applies only to account creation. By default, account updates and deletions do not require approval. You can, however, customize this process to require it.

You can customize workflows by using the Identity Manager IDE to change the flow of approvals, capture account deletions, and capture updates.

For information about the Identity Manager IDE, go to For information about workflows, and an illustrated example of altering the approval workflow, see Chapter 2, Workflow, in Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference.

Identity Manager Approvers can either approve or reject an approval request.

Administrators can view and manage pending approvals from the Work Items area of the Identity Manager interface. From the Work Items page, click My Work Items to view pending approvals. Click the Approvals tab to manage approvals.