Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

SystemLog Reports

A SystemLog report shows system messages and errors that are recorded in the repository.

When setting up this report, you can specify to include or exclude the following items:

You also set the maximum number of records you want to display (by default, 3000), and whether you want to display the oldest or newest records if available records exceed the specified maximum.

When running a SystemLog Report, specific Syslog entries can be retrieved by specifying the syslog ID of the target entry. For example, to view specific entries in the Recent Systems Messages report, edit the report and select the Event field. Then enter the requested syslog ID and click Run.

Note –

You also can run the lh syslog command to extract records from the system log. For detailed command options, read syslog Command in Appendix A, lh Reference.

ProcedureTo Define a SystemLog Report

  1. Follow the instructions for Creating a Report on Creating Reports.

    Select Identity Manager Reports from the first Report Type menu, and select SystemLog Report from the second menu.

    The Define a Report page opens.

  2. Complete the form and click Save.

    Click Help if you have questions about the form.

    Once you have set and saved report parameters, run the report from the Run Reports list page.