Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Workflow Examples

The following example illustrates a simple workflow activity and shows the generation of an event that will log a resource deletion activity named ADSIResource1, performed by ResourceAdministrator.

Example 10–1 Simple Workflow Activity

<Activity name=’createEvent’> <Action class=’com.waveset.session.WorkflowServices’> 
<Argument name=’op’ value=’audit’/> <Argument name=’type’ value=’Resource’/> 
<Argument name=’action’ value=’Delete’/> <Argument name=’status’ value=’Success’/> 
<Argument name=’subject’ value=’ResourceAdministrator’/> 
<Argument name=’name’ value=’ADSIResource1’/> </Action> <Transition to=’end’/> </Activity>

The next example illustrate how you can add specific attributes to a workflow that tracks the changes applied by each user in an approval process to a granular level. This addition typically will follow a ManualAction that solicits input from a user.

ACTUAL_APPROVER is set in the form and in the workflow (if approving from the approvals table) based on the person who actually performed the approval. APPROVER identifies the person to whom it was assigned.

Example 10–2 Attributes Added to Track Changes in an Approval Process

<Action name=’Audit the Approval’ application=’com.waveset.session.WorkflowServices’> 
<Argument name=’op’ value=’audit’/> <Argument name=’type’ value=’User’/> 
<Argument name=’name’ value=’$(CUSTOM_DESCRIPTION)’/> <Argument name=’action’ value=’approve’/> 
<Argument name=’accountId’ value=’$(accountId)’/> <Argument name=’status’ value=’success’/> 
<Argument name=’resource’ value=’$(RESOURCE_IF_APPLICABLE)’/> 
<Argument name=’loginApplication’ value=’$(loginApplication)’/> 
<Argument name=’attributes’> <map> 
<s>team</s><ref>user.waveset.organization</ref> <s>agency</s>
<ref>user.accounts[Lighthouse].agency</ref> </map> </Argument> 
<Argument name=’originalAttributes’> <map> <s>fullname</s> <s>User’s previous fullname</s> 
<s>jobTitle</s> <s>User’s previous job title</s> <s>location</s> <s>User’s previous location</s> 
<s>team</s> <s>User’s previous team</s> <s>agency</s> <s>User’s previous agency</s> </map> 
</Argument> <Argument name=’attributes’> <map> <s>firstname</s> <s>Joe</s> <s>lastname</s> 
<s>New</s> </map> </Argument> <Argument name=’subject’> <or> <ref>ACTUAL_APPROVER</ref> 
<ref>APPROVER</ref> </or> 
</Argument> <Argument name=’approver’ value=’$(APPROVER)’/> </Action>