Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Point-to-Point or Publish-and-Subscribe?

Java Message System provides two models for messaging: the point-to-point or queuing model, and the publish and subscribe or topic model. Identity Manager supports both models.

In the point-to-point model, a producer posts messages to a particular queue and a consumer reads messages from the queue. Here, the producer knows the destination of the message and posts the message directly to the consumer’s queue.

The point-to-point model has the following characteristics:

The publish and subscribe model, on the other hand, supports publishing messages to a particular message topic. Zero or more subscribers may register interest in receiving messages on a particular message topic. In this model, neither the publisher nor the subscriber know about each other. A good metaphor for this model is the anonymous bulletin board.

The publish and subscribe model has the following characteristics:

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