Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Editing Login Applications

From the menu bar, select Security -> Login to access the Login page.

The login application list shows:

From the Login page you can:

To edit a login application, select it from the list.

Setting Identity Manager Session Limits

From the Modify Login Application page, you can set a timeout value (limits) for each Identity Manager login session. Select hours, minutes, and seconds, and then click Save. The limits you establish display in the login application list.

You can set session timeouts for each Identity Manager login application. When a user logs in to an Identity Manager application, then the currently configured session timeout value is used to compute the future date and time when the user’s session will time out due to inactivity. This computed date is then stored with the user’s Identity Manager session so that it is available to be checked each time a request is made.

If a login administrator changes a login application session timeout value, then that value will be in effect for all future logins. Existing sessions will time out based on the value in effect when the user logged in.

Values set for HTTP timeout affect all Identity Manager applications and take precedence over the login application session timeout value.

Disabling Access to Applications

From the Create Login Application and Modify Login Application pages, you can select the Disable option to disable a login application, thereby preventing users from logging in. If a user tries to log in to a disabled application, the user is redirected to an alternate page that states that the application is currently disabled. You can edit the message that displays on this page by editing the custom catalog.

Login applications remain disabled until you deselect the option. As a safeguard, you cannot disable administrator login.