Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Creating and Importing a Login Correlation Rule

A Login Correlation Rule is used by the Identity Manager X509 Certificate Login Module to determine how to map the certificate data to the appropriate Identity Manager user. Identity Manager includes a built-in correlation rule, named Correlate via X509 Certificate subjectDN.

You can also add your own correlation rules. Refer to LoginCorrelationRules.xml, which is located in the idm/sample/rules directory, as an example.

Each correlation rule must follow these guidelines:

Arguments passed to login correlation rules are:

The naming convention for certificate arguments passed to the login correlation rule is

cert.field name.subfield name

Example argument names that are available to the rule include:

The login correlation rule, using the passed-in arguments, returns a list of one or more AttributeConditions. These are used by the Identity Manager X509 Certificate Login Module to find the associated Identity Manager user.

A sample login correlation rule is included in idm/sample/rules, named LoginCorrelationRules.xml.

After creating a custom correlation rule, you must import it into Identity Manager. From the Administrator Interface, select Configure, and then select Import Exchange File to use the file import facility.