Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

The Edit Policy Page

Click a policy name in the Audit Policy name column to open the Edit Audit Policy page. This page categorizes audit policy information in these areas:

Use this area of the page to:

Note –

You cannot use this product to directly edit an existing rule. Use the Identity Manager IDE or an XML editor to edit the rule, and then import it into Identity Manager. You can then remove the previous version, and add the newly revised version.

Edit Audit Policy Description

Edit the audit policy description by selecting the text in the Description field and then entering new text.

Edit Options

Optionally select or deselect the Restrict target resources or Allow violation re-scans options.

Delete a Rule from the Policy

To delete a rule from the policy, click the Select button that precedes the rule name, and then click Remove.

Add a Rule to the Policy

Click Add to append a new field that you can use to select a rule to add.

Change a Rule used by the Policy

In the Rule Name column, select another rule from the selection list.