Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Remediation Workflow and Organizations Area

Figure 14–9 shows the area in which you specify the remediation workflow and organizations for an audit policy.

Figure 14–9 Edit Audit Policy Page: Remediation Workflow and Organizations

Figure showing the Remediation Workflow and Organizations
area of the Edit Audit Policy page

Use this area of the page to:

Change the Remediation Workflow

To change the workflow assigned to a policy, you can select an alternative workflow from the list of options. By default, no workflow is assigned to an audit policy.

Note –

If no workflow is assigned to the Audit Policy, the violations will not be assigned to any remediators.

Select a remediation workflow from the list, and then click Save.

Select Remediation User Form Rule

Optionally select a rule to calculate the user form applied when editing a user through a remediation.

Assign or Remove Visibility to Organizations

Adjust the organizations to which this audit policy will be available, and then click Save.