Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Creating an Auditor Report

To run a report, you must first create the report template. You can specify various criteria for the report, including specifying email recipients to receive the report results. After a report template has been created and saved, it is available from the Run Reports page.

The following figure shows an example of the Run Reports page with a list of defined Auditor Reports.

Figure 15–2 Run Reports Page Selections

Figure showing an example Run Reports page with a list
of defined Auditor Reports

ProcedureTo Create an Auditor Report

  1. In the Administrator interface, click Reports in the main menu.

    The Run Reports page opens.

  2. Select Auditor Reports for the report type.

  3. In the New list of reports, select a report.

    The Define a Report page appears. The fields and layout of the report dialog varies for each type of report. Refer to Identity Manager Help for information about specifying the report criteria.

    After entering and selecting report criteria, you can:

    • Run the report without saving.

      Click Run to start running the report. Identity Manager does not save the report (if you defined a new report) or the changed report criteria (if you edited an existing report).

    • Save the report.

      Click Save to save the report. After it is saved, you can run the report from the Run Reports page (the list of reports). After running a report from the Run Reports page, you can view the output immediately or at a later time from the View Reports tab.

    For information about scheduling a report, see Scheduling Reports.