Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Viewing Policy Violations

You can use the Remediations page to view details about violations before taking action on them.

Depending on your capabilities or place in the Identity Manager capabilities hierarchy, you may be able to view and take action on violations for other remediators.

The following topics are related to viewing violations:

Viewing Pending Requests

Pending requests assigned to you are, by default, displayed in the Remediation table.

You can use the List Remediations for option to view pending remediation requests for a different remediator:

The resulting table provides the following information about each request:

Note –

Each user can choose a custom form that displays remediation data relevant to that particular remediator. To assign a custom form, select the Compliance tab on the user form.

Viewing Completed Requests

To view your completed remediation requests, click the My Work Items tab, and then click the History tab. A list of previously remediated work items displays.

The resulting table (which is generated by an AuditLog report) provides the following information about each remediation request:

Clicking a timestamp in the table opens an Audit Events Details page.

The Audit Events Details page provides information about the completed request, including information about the remediation or mitigation, event parameters (if applicable), and auditable attributes.

Updating the Table

To update the information provided in the Remediations table, click Refresh. The Remediation page updates the table with any new remediation requests.