Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Attestation Workflow

Identity Manager uses an attestation workflow that is launched when an access scan identifies entitlement records requiring review. The access scan makes this determination based on the rules defined in the access scan.

A rule evaluated by the access scan determines if the user entitlement record needs to be manually attested, or if it can be automatically approved or rejected. If the user entitlement record needs to be manually attested, then the access scan uses a second rule to determine who the appropriate attestors are.

Each user entitlement record to be manually attested is assigned to a workflow, with one work item per attestor. Notification to the attestor of these work items can be sent using a ScanNotification workflow that bundles the items into one notification, per attestor, per scan. Unless the ScanNotification workflow is selected, notification will be per user entitlement. This means an attestor could receive multiple notifications per scan, and possibly a large number depending on the number of users scanned.