Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Launching an Access Review

To launch an access review from the Administrator interface, use one of these methods:

On the displayed Launch Task page, specify a name for the access review. Select the scans from the Available Access Scans list and move them to the Selected list.

If you select more than one scan, you can choose one of the following launch options:

Note –

You can initiate more than one scan during an access review session. However, consider that each scan may involve a large number of users, and therefore the scan process can take many hours to complete. Best practice dictates that you manage your scans accordingly. For example, you might launch one scan to run immediately and schedule other scans at staggered intervals.

Click Launch to start the access review process.

Note –

The name you assign to an access review is important. Access reviews that run on a periodic basis with the same name can be compared by some reports.

When you launch an access review, the workflow process diagram is displayed, showing the steps in the process.