Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Testing Data Exporter

After Data Exporter is correctly configured, it behaves as a background process, sending data to the warehouse at the configured intervals. To run the Exporter on demand, use the Data Warehouse Exporter Launcher task.

ProcedureTo Start the Data Warehouse Exporter Launcher

  1. Disable the Warehouse Task. See Configuring the Warehouse Task for more information.

  2. Click Server Tasks in the main menu. Then click the Run Tasks secondary tab. The Available Tasks page opens.

  3. Click the Data Warehouse Exporter Launcher link. The Launch Task page opens.

  4. Select the Debug options check box to display additional options.

  5. Select the Ignore Initial LastMods check box to cause the Exporter to ignore the “last polled” timestamp it uses to determine which records in the Identity Manager repository have already been exported. When this option is selected, all records in the Identity Manager repository of the selected types will be exported.

  6. Choose which types of data to export from the Export Once list. If you do not choose any types in the Export Once list, the export task runs as a daemon and exports based on the schedule previously defined. If you select one or more data types, Identity Manager exports these types immediately, and the export task exits.

  7. Set the values for the other fields on the page as needed.

  8. Click Launch to begin the task.