Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

End-User Interface

The bundled sample end-user pages provide examples for registration and self-service typical in xSP environments. The samples are extensible and can be customized. You may change the look and feel, modify navigation rules between pages, or display locale-specific messages for your deployment. For further information about customizing end-user pages see Sun Identity Manager Service Provider 8.1 Deployment.

In addition to auditing self-service and registration events, notification to the affected user can be sent using e-mail templates. Examples of using account ID and password policies, as well as account lockout, are also provided. Application developers can also leverage Identity Manager forms. The modular authentication service implemented as a servlet filter can be extended or replaced if necessary. This allows integration with access management systems like the Sun Access Manager.

Sample End-User Pages

The bundled sample end-user pages allow the user to register and maintain basic user information through a series of easy-to-navigate screens and receive email notification of their actions.

The example pages include the following features:

Note –

Identity Manager uses a validation table for registration. Only users in that table are allowed to register. For example, when user Betty Childs registers, an entry for Betty Childs with email address, is found in the validation table and registration is accepted.

These pages are easy to customize for your deployment.

You can easily customize these pages for your deployment as follows:

For more information on customizing the pages see Sun Identity Manager Service Provider 8.1 Deployment.

New User Registration

New users are asked to register. During registration users can set their login, challenge questions, and notification information.

Figure 17–14 Registration Page

Figure showing the Registration page

Home and Profile Screens

Figure 17–15 shows the end user home tab and Profile page. A user may change their login ID and password, manage notification, and create challenge questions.

Figure 17–15 My Profile Page

Figure showing the Change Password screen.