Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Configure Synchronization

To configure Service Provider synchronization, you edit the Synchronization Policy for resources as described in To Edit or Configure Synchronization.

When editing the Synchronization Policy, the following options must be specified to enable the synchronization processes for service provider users.

Follow the instructions in To Edit or Configure Synchronization to specify other options as appropriate for your environment. The default synchronization interval for Service Provider synchronization tasks defaults to 1 minute.

Note –

The confirmation rule and form must use the IDMXUser view and not the Identity Manager input user view (see Sun Identity Manager Service Provider 8.1 Deployment for more information).

This is required because confirmation rules access a user view for each user identified in the correlation rule, impacting synchronization performance.

Click Save to save the policy definition. If synchronization is not disabled in the policy, it will be scheduled as specified. If disable synchronization is specified, the synchronization service is stopped, if currently running. If enabled, synchronization will be started when the Identity Manager server is restarted, or when Start for Service Provider is selected under the Synchronization Resource Action.