Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Set an Extended Attribute as Queryable

  1. Open IDM Schema Configuration. You must have the IDM Schema Configuration capability to view or edit IDM Schema Configuration.

  2. Locate the <IDMObjectClassConfiguration name=’User’> element.

  3. Locate the <IDMObjectClassAttributeConfiguration name=’ xyz ’> element, where xyz is the name of the attribute that you want to set as queryable.

  4. Set queryable=’true’

    In Correlation Rules the email extended attribute is defined as queryable.

Example 3–1 XML Excerpt That Defines the Email Extended Attribute as Queryable

    <IDMAttributeConfiguration name=’email’ syntax=’STRING’/>
    <IDMObjectClassConfiguration name=’User’ extends=’Principal’ description=’User description’>
      <IDMObjectClassAttributeConfiguration name=’email’ queryable=’true’/>

You must restart the Identity Manager application (or the application server) for the IDM Schema Configuration change to take effect.