Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Create an Administrator

To create an administrator, assign one or more capabilities to a user and designate the organizations to which the capabilities will apply.

  1. In the Administrator interface, click Accounts in the menu bar.

    The User List page opens.

  2. To give an existing user administrative privileges, click the user name (the Edit User page opens), then click the Security tab.

    If a new user account needs to be created, see Creating Users and Working with User Accounts.

  3. Specify attributes to establish administrative control.

    Available attributes include:

    • Capabilities. Select one or more capabilities that should be assigned to this administrator. This information is required. For more information, see Understanding and Managing Capabilities.

    • Controlled Organizations. Select one or more organizations that should be assigned to the administrator. The administrator will control objects in the assigned organization and in any organizations beneath it in the hierarchy. This information is required. For more information, see Understanding Identity Manager Organizations.

    • User Form. Select the user form that this administrator will use when creating and editing Identity Manager users (if that capability is assigned). If you do not directly assign a user form, the administrator will inherit the user form assigned to the organization he belongs to. The form selected here supersedes any form selected within this administrator’s organization.

    • Forward Approval Requests To. Select a user to forward all current pending approval requests to that user. This administrator setting also can be set from the Approvals page.

    • Delegate Work Items To. If available, use this option to specify delegations for this user account. You can specify the administrator’s manager, one or more selected users, or use a delegate approvers rule.

      Figure showing User Account Security page: Specifying
Administrator Privileges