Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Assign a Role to Another Role

Identity Manager’s requirements around role assignments are described in What are Roles? and Putting Role Types to Work. You should understand this information before assigning roles.

Identity Manager will change a role’s role assignments if the role-owner of the parent role approves.

  1. Search for the Business Role or IT Role to which you will be assigning one or more contained roles. (Roles can only be assigned to Business Roles and IT Roles.) Use the instructions on To Search for Roles or To View Roles to search for roles.

  2. Click the Business Role or IT Role to open it.

    The Edit Role page opens.

  3. Click the Roles tab in the Edit Role page.

  4. Click Add in the Contained Roles section.

    The tab refreshes and displays the Find Roles to Contain form.

  5. Search for the role (or roles) that you will be assigning to this role. Start first with any required roles. (You will add conditional and optional roles later.)

    See To Search for Roles for help using the search form. Business Roles cannot be nested or assigned to other role-types.

  6. Use the checkboxes to select one or more roles to be assigned, then click Add.

    The tab refreshes and displays the Add Contained Role form.

  7. Select Required (or Conditional or Optional, as appropriate) from the Association Type drop-down menu.

    Click OK.

  8. Repeat the previous four steps to add conditional roles (if required). Repeat the previous four steps again to add optional roles (if required).

  9. Click Save to open the Confirm Role Changes page.

    The Confirm Role Changes page opens.

  10. In the Update Assigned Users section select an Update Assigned Users menu option and then click Save to save your role assignments.

    See To Update Roles Assigned to Users for more information.