Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Define a Workflow Report

  1. Follow the instructions for creating a report on Creating Reports.

    Select Identity Manager Reports from the first Report Type menu, and select Workflow Report from the second menu.

    The Define a Report page opens.

  2. Complete the form and click Save. You can define time parameters as well as add any of the attributes that you elected to audit. (See Specifying Attributes to Store for the Workflow Report in the previous section.)

    To narrow your results, specify an attribute name (for example, ), select a condition, and enter an attribute value. You can enter as many attributes as you need.

    Click Help if you have questions about the form.

    Once you have set and saved report parameters, run the report from the Run Reports page. Click Run to produce a report of all results that match the saved criteria.

    The report will return workflows by name, along with their average time to complete, the number of times the workflow was requested, and how many of those requests were completed.

    Click the workflow name to open a detailed view of the workflow, which will show each activity that was instrumented in the workflow. Because processes can have the same named activities, the activities are scoped by process.