Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Edit a Dashboard Graph

  1. In the Administrator interface, click Reports in the main menu.

  2. Click Dashboard Graphs in the secondary menu.

    The Dashboard Graphs page opens.

  3. From the Select Dashboard Graph Type drop-down menu, select a category.

    A table listing dashboard graphs opens.

  4. Click a graph name to edit it.

    The graph attributes you can edit vary depending on the graph selected.

    One or more of the following characteristics are available for editing:

    • Graph Name. Graphs are added to a dashboard by name.

    • Registry. Specifies the tracked event description defined in the registry. The current selection includes: SAMPLE, Service Provider, and IDM.

    • Tracked Event. A system characteristic, such as memory usage, or an aggregation of events, such as resource operations, whose historical values are tracked and displayed visually as graphs or charts.

    • Time Scale. Controls how often data is aggregated and how often it is retained.

    • Metric. Each graph displays a single metric. The available metrics depend on the selected tracked event. Other options may be available for the metric selected.

    • Graph type. Controls how the tracked event data is displayed (for example, line graph or bar graph).

    • Included Dimension Values. If selected, all values for the dimensions are included in the graph.

    • Graph Subtitle. If desired, enter a subtitle under the main title of the graph.

    • Advanced Graph Options. Select this if you want to set the following:

      • Grid Lines

      • Font

      • Color Palette

  5. Click Save.