Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Configuring XMLDSIG-Format Signed Approvals

Identity Manager allows you to add XMLDSIG-format signed approvals, including an RFC 3161-compliant digital timestamp, to the Identity Manager approval process. When you configure Identity Manager to use XMLDSIG signed approvals, no changes are visible to approvers unless they view the approval in the audit log. Only the format of the signed approval that is stored in the audit log record is changed.

As with previous signed approvals in Identity Manager, an applet is launched on the client machine and the approver is presented with the approval information for signing. They then choose a keystore and a key with which to sign the approval.

After the approver signs the approval, an XMLDSIG document containing the approval data is created. This document is returned to the server which validates the XMLDSIG signed document. If successful, and if RFC 3161 digital timestamps have been configured, a digital timestamp is also generated for this document. The timestamp retrieved from the timestamp authority (TSA) is checked for errors and its certificates are validated. Finally, if successful, Identity Manager generates an audit log record that includes the XMLDSIG-format signed approval object in the XML blob column.

Approval Data Format

The format for an XMLDSIG-format approval object is as follows:

<XMLSignedData signedContent="...base64 transaction text ...">
         ...The base64 encoded PKCS7 timestamp token returned by the TSA...
        <SignedInfo>...XMLDSIG stuff...</SignedInfo>
        <SignatureValue>...base64 signature value</SignatureValue>
        <KeyInfo>...cert info for signer</KeyInfo>


This XMLDSIG document that is stored in the XML column of the audit log approval record.

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup requirements for using XMLDSIG signed approvals are the same as those described in To Enable Server-Side Configuration for Signed Approvals, with one additional step. You must sign the xmlsec-1.4.2.jar file in addition to signing the ts2.jar file.

Approval Configuration

You can use system configuration attributes to:

To edit these attributes, use the Identity Manager debug pages to edit the system configuration object. These attributes are all located under security.nonrepudiation, along with other signed approval attributes.

The XMLDSIG attributes include:

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