Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure a Database-Type Data Store

Although you can easily make changes, the external resource data store is typically configured only once. If you modify the configuration, Identity Manager automatically updates all existing external resources to use the newly configured data store.

Use the following steps to configure a database-type data store:

  1. Select Configure -> External Resources from the menu bar in the Identity Manager Administrator interface.

  2. When the Data Store Configuration page displays, choose Database from the Data Store Type menu. Additional options display.

    Figure 5–14 Data Store Configuration Page: Database

    Figure showing an example Data Store Configuration page
for the Database Type

  3. Specify the following connection and authentication information:

    Note –

    Identity Manager automatically populates the JDBC Driver, JDBC URL template, port, and Max Idle Time (secs) fields with default values. You can change these default values if necessary.

    • JDBC Driver. Specify the JDBC Driver class name.

    • JDBC URL Template. Specify the JDBC Driver URL template.

    • Host. Enter the name of the host where you are running the database.

    • TCP Port. Enter the port number where the database is listening.

    • Database. Enter the name of the database on the database server that contains the data store table.

    • User. Enter the ID of a database user with permissions sufficient to read, update, and delete rows from the data store table. For example, root.

    • Password. Enter the database user's password.

    • Rethrow all SQLExceptions. Check this box to rethrow SQL exceptions to SQL statements if the exception error codes are 0.

      If you do not enable this option, Identity Manager catches and suppresses these exceptions.

    • Max Idle Time. Specify the maximum time, in seconds, that you want JDBC connections to remain unused in a pool.

      If the connection is not used before the specified time elapses, Identity Manager closes the connection and removes the connection from the pool.

      • Default value is 600 seconds

      • A -1 value prevents the connection from ever expiring

  4. After successfully connecting to the data store, you must specify one or more scripts to be executed for each supported resource action. See To Configure the Action Scripts for instructions.