Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Configuring Exporter Automation

Identity Manager allows you to specify workflows that executes before and after exporting data.

The Cycle Start workflow could be used to prevent an export if an event occurs that warrants a cancellation. For example, if an application that reads or writes to the staging tables needs exclusive access to the tables at the same time an export is scheduled to occur, the export should be cancelled. The workflow should return a value of 1 to cancel the export. Identity Manager creates an audit record that indicates the export was skipped and provides the error results. If the workflow returns 0 and no errors occur, the data type will be exported.

The Cycle Complete workflow runs after all the records have been exported. This workflow usually triggers another application to process the exported data. After this workflow completes, the Exporter checks for another data type to export.

Sample workflows are provided in the $WSHOME/sample/web/exporter.xml file. The subtype for a Exporter workflow is DATA_EXPORT_AUTOMATION and the authType is WarehouseConfig.

ProcedureTo Configure Exporter Automation

  1. From the Data Exporter Configuration page, click the Edit link that is in the Exporter Automation section.

  2. Optionally select a workflow to run before an export from the Cycle Start Workflow drop-down menu.

  3. Optionally select a workflow to run after an export from the Cycle Start Workflow drop-down menu.