Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Create a User in Identity Manager

You can create and manage users from the Accounts tab on the Administrator interface menu bar.

  1. In the Administrator interface, click Accounts.

  2. To create a user in a specific organization, select the organization, then select New User from the New Actions list.

    Otherwise, to create a user account in the Top organization, select New User from the New Actions list.

  3. Complete the information in the following tabs or sections.

    • Identity. Name, organization, password, and other details. (See Identity Tab.)

    • Resources. Individual resource and resource group assignments, as well as resource exclusions. (See Resources Tab.)

    • Roles. Role assignments. For information on roles, see Understanding and Managing Roles. See To Assign Roles to a User for instructions on completing the Roles tab.

    • Security. Admin roles, controlled organizations and capabilities. Also, user form settings and account policy. (See Security Tab.)

    • Delegations. Work item delegations. (See Delegations Tab.)

    • Attributes. Specific attributes for assigned resources. (See Attributes Tab.)

    • Compliance. Select attestation and remediation forms for the user account. The compliance area also lets you specify the assigned audit policies for the user account, including those in effect through the user’s organization assignment. Indicates the current status of policy scans, violations, and exemptions, and includes information about the user’s last audit policy scan. (See Attributes Tab.)

      Note that selections available in one area may depend on selections you make in another.

    To better reflect your business processes or specific administrator capabilities, you should customize the user form specifically for your environment. For more information about customizing the user form, see Customizing Forms in Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference.

  4. When you are finished, Save the account.

    You have two options for saving a user account:

    • Save. Saves the user account. If you assign a large number of resources to the account, this process could take some time.

    • Background Save. This process saves a user account as a background task, which allows you to continue working in Identity Manager. A task status indicator displays on the Accounts page, the Find User Results page, and the Home page, for each save in progress.

      Status indicators, as described in the following table, help you monitor the progress of the save process.

    Status Indicator 


    Save Progress indicator

    The save process is in progress. 

    Save Process suspended indicator

    The save process is suspended. Often, this means that the process is waiting for approval. 

    Successful completion indicator

    The process completed successfully. This does not mean that the user was successfully saved; rather that the process completed with no errors. 

    Process not started indicator

    The process has not yet started. 

    Process completed with errors indicator

    The process completed with one or more errors. 

    By moving your mouse over the user icon that displays within the status indicator, you can see details about the background save process.

    Note –

    If sunrise is configured, creating a user creates a work item that can be viewed from the Approvals tab. Approving this item overrides the sunrise date and creates the account. Rejecting the item cancels account creation. For more information about configuring sunrise, see Configuring the Sunrise and Sunset Tab.