Sun Identity Manager 8.1 System Administrator's Guide

Configuring JMX Monitoring

Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology that allows for managing and/or monitoring applications, system objects, devices, and service oriented networks. The managed/monitored entity is represented by objects called MBeans (for Managed Bean).

This section describes how to configure JMX on an Identity Manager server so that a JMX client can monitor the system for changes.

Note –

You can also configure Identity Manager to make audit events available using JMX. For information, see The JMX Publisher Type in Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator’s Guide.

ProcedureTo Configure JMX Polling Settings

Use the following process to configure JMX polling settings on an individual server:

  1. Follow the steps described in Using the Administrator Interface to Configure Identity Manager. Select the JMX tab.

  2. Enable JMX cluster polling and configure the interval for the polling threads.

    Use the following options:

    • Enable JMX. Enables or disables the polling thread for the JMX Cluster MBean. To enable JMX, clear the default selection (Use the false default setting). Because of the use of system resources for polling cycles, enable this option only if you plan to use JMX.

    • Polling Interval (ms). Changes the default interval at which the server polls the repository for changes, when JMX is enabled. Specify the interval in milliseconds.

      The default polling interval is set to 60000 milliseconds. To change it, clear the check box for this option and enter the new value in the entry field provided.

  3. Click Save to save changes to the server settings.

    Note –

    To change the default JMX polling settings for Identity Manager servers, see Editing Default Server Settings.

Viewing JMX Data

Use a JMX client to view data gathered by JMX. JConsole, which is included in the JDK 1.5, is one such client.

Using JConsole Locally

To use JConsole on the same machine your server is running on, set the JAVA_OPTS property as follows:

JConsole will connect using the correct PID.

Using JConsole Remotely

To use JConsole remotely, set the JAVA_OPTS property as follows:

Other settings may also be necessary depending on your environment. Refer to the JConsole documentation for more information.

Note –

You can also view JMX data by going to the Identity Manager debug page (http://host:port/idm/debug) and clicking the Show MBean Info button.

For more information on JMX, visit this website: