Sun Identity Manager 8.1 System Administrator's Guide

Using JMX

Identity Manager enables you to use Java Management Extensions (JMX) to capture and expose operational statistics for certain resource adapter operations. You can use this data for diagnostic and predictive purposes, such as to monitor system health and reports.

This statistical data includes the following:


Actions Monitored 

For Accounts 

  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Get

  • Authenticate

For Actions 


For Other Objects 

  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Get

  • List

JMX creates MBeans for each resource adapter, by server, and registers these beans with names that match the following pattern:

serverName=server name, resourceAdapterType=Resource Adapter Type,
resourceAdapterName=Resource Adapter Name

Identity Manager records statistics for all completed operations, whether they completed successfully or with errors. However, Identity Manager does not record statistics for incomplete operations, such as any operations that throw exceptions.

You can configure excludes as follows:

  1. From the Administrator interface, select Configure -> Servers.

  2. On the Configure Servers page, perform one of the following tasks:

    • Click the Edit Default Server Settings button to edit the default server settings.

    • Click a server link to edit the policy for that server.

  3. Click the JMX tab and enable the JMX Enable Resource Adapter Monitor box to turn on resource monitoring.

    • To exclude specific resources, add regular expressions to the JMX Resource Adapter Monitor Excludes list.

    • To exclude monitoring specific actions, add regular expressions to the JMX Resource Adapter Monitor Operation Excludes list.

All excludes use regular expressions. For excluding certain resources, JMX just matches on the resource name. For example, if you have adapters named


and you specify the following pattern


which means, match any 0 or more of any character (.*) until something that ends with a 1 (1$). JMX will exclude resource1 and resource11.

For operations, the process is similar. If your operations have the following names, the patterns must match against those names.


For example, the ^ACCOUNT.* pattern excludes all operations that start with ACCOUNT. Or, using this pattern excludes updates and deletes:


Note –

For more information about configuring and using JMX, see Configuring JMX Monitoring and The JMX Publisher Type in Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator’s Guide.