Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

flag Token

The flag token is often used inside an opt token to determine if a flag that defines an account property exists on a user account. This token searches for a specified string. If the text is found, AttrParse assigns the boolean value true to the attribute, then adds the entry to the attribute map.

The parse position will be advanced to the first character after the matched text.





The name of the attribute to use in the attribute value map. The name is usually the same as a resource user attribute on the schema map on the resource adapter, but this is not a requirement. 


The number of characters to skip before searching for the text for the token. The offset can have the following values: 

  • 1 or higher moves the specified number of characters before trying to match the token’s text.

  • 0 searches for text at the current parse position. This is the default value.

  • -1 indicates the token’s text will be matched at the current parse position, but the parse position will not go past the string specified in the termToken attribute, if present.


A string to use as an indicator that the text being searched for is not present. This string is often the first word or label in the next line on the screen output. 

The parse position will be the character after the termToken string. 

The termToken attribute can only be used if the len attribute is negative one (-1). 


The text to match.


Procedureflag Token Examples

  1. The following token will match AUDIT at the current parse position, and if found, adds AUDIT_FLAG=true to the user attribute map.

    <flag offset=’-1’ name=’AUDIT’>AUDIT_FLAG</flag>
  2. The following token will match xxxxCICS at the current parse position, where xxxx are any four characters, including spaces. If this string is found, AttrParse adds CICS=true to the user attribute map.

    <flag offset=’4’ name=’CICS’>CICS</flag>