Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference


Trace output can be helpful when identifying and resolving problems with any adapter. Generally, these are the steps you will follow when using tracing to help identify and resolve problems:

ProcedureUsing trace

  1. Turn on tracing.

  2. Reproduce the problem and evaluate the results.

  3. Optionally turn tracing on for additional packages or classes, or turn up the tracing level and repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

  4. Turn off tracing.

    To turn tracing on, follow these steps:

  5. Log in to Identity Manager as the Configurator account.

  6. Go to the Debug page: http://IdentityManagerHost:Port/idm/debug.

  7. Click Show Trace.

  8. Ensure that Trace Enabled is checked.

  9. Enter the full class name in the Method/Class text box.

  10. Enter a trace level (1-4). Each level captures different types of information:

    • 1, which identifies entry and exit of public methods, plus major exceptions.

      • 2, which identifies entry and exit of all methods.

      • 3, which identifies significant informational displays (such as the value of variables that control flow) that occur only once per method invocation.

      • 4, which identifies informational displays that occur n times per method invocation.

  11. Fill out the rest of the page as desired. Click Save when you are ready to begin tracing.

    To disable tracing, either deselect the Show Trace option, or delete the class name from the Method/Class text box.