Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Supporting Exchange 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is only supported on Windows Server 2003 R2 or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or newer.

The Active Directory adapter does not manage Exchange 2007 email accounts by default. To enable support for these accounts:

Attribute Name  


RecipientType (String) 

The user type on the resource. It is required during creation of the account on an Exchange 2007-enabled resource. Allowed values are: 

- User (Active Directory only user) 

- UserMailbox (Active Directory and Exchange user with local mail storage) 

- MailUser (Active Directory and Exchange user without local mail storage) 

This attribute is read-only during later actions, except when changing from an Active Directory-only user (RecipientType equals User) to an Exchange user type (RecipientType UserMailbox or MailUser). You can not change the RecipientType back to User or from MailUser to UserMailbox and vice versa. 

Database (String) 

The Database to store the users Mailbox. This value must be of the form: Server\StorageGroup\MailboxDatabase. This attribute must have a value when the RecipientType is set to UserMailbox. The attribute is ignored for other values of RecipientType.

ExternalEmailAddress (String) 

An e-mail address outside of the Exchange organization. This attribute must be set to a unique value in the Exchange organization for the RecipientType MailUser. The attribute is ignored for other values of RecipientType.