Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

General Configuration

Use the following steps to set up a new Database Table resource:

ProcedureTo Set Up a New Database Table Adapter: General Steps

  1. Specify the database access parameters. Include the database type, connection information, and the database name where the table to be managed is located.

  2. All of the available tables for that database are displayed on the Database Tables page. Select the table where the resource accounts for this resource are stored.

  3. Select the columns from the table that Identity Manager will manage. One of these columns will be designated as the Key and be used as the account name attribute for the users and one column will be designated as the Password and be used as the account password. Other columns can be selected as attributes to be managed.

  4. The resource schema map page will list just those attributes that were selected to be managed. It will not list the Key and Password attributes. These attributes will be implicitly managed.

  5. The Active Sync Configuration page allows you to optionally specify the Active Sync-related Database Table attributes. If you are not using the adapter as an Active Sync, you can skip these values. See the Active Sync Configuration section for additional details.

  6. Specify the identity template used for this resource. This is the Identity Manager attribute name that will be used for the Key attribute.

  7. Specify the Identity Manager resource parameters for this resource. This includes information like the resource name, Active Sync scheduling and logging, and approvers for the resource.