Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Identity Template

Domino stores the identity of each user in the userid file. However, that same user name is stored in the user record in the FullName attribute. That attribute is multi-valued, and the first one in the list is unique. The first name in the list is stored in canonical format and is similar to the following:

CN=Joe T Smith/O=MyCompany

Using this name we can get to the record of the Name and address book. Identity Manager stores this string on the resourceInfo in its “nice” form, which looks like:

Joe T Smith/MyCompany

Domino has built-in functions to convert names back and forth at the API level. Identity Manager also stores the NOTEID as the GUID attributes, and whenever possible uses this global identifier to look up users in Domino.

The default identity template is:

$firstname$ $MiddleInitial$ $lastname$$CertifierOrgHierarchy$

Depending on the environment, the middle initial may not be not included.