Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

General Notes

If you are polling an LDIF file, the LDAP API converts attribute names to lower case. Therefore, if you have an attribute name that contains a capital letter, such as accountId, the LDAP API converts it to accountid. The following error is logged when you start Active Sync.

com.waveset.util.WavesetException: No name attribute found for user based 
on Resolve Identity Rule or schema map.

To correct this situation, in your schema map, set your resource user attribute to accountid.

You might encounter the same error message when you import a file that does not directly set the accountId by a column in the file. To avoid this error message, change the Active Sync User Form by adding a Field for global.accountId and adding logic to build the accountId within that field. The following example field sets accountId to be firstname.lastname, but only on create operations.

<Field name=’waveset.accountId’>