Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference


When Active Sync processing begins, a connection to the source messaging system is first made using the connection factory specified with the JNDI name of Connection factory resource parameter field. If specified, the User and Password fields are used for authentication when establishing the connection. If the fields are not specified, the connection are established using the default authentication.

The JMS Listener adapter operates in synchronous mode. It establishes a synchronous message consumer on the queue or topic destination specified by the JNDI name of Destination field. During each poll interval, the adapter will receive and process all available messages. Messages can be (optionally) additionally qualified by defining a valid JMS message selector string for the Message Selector field.

The connection factory and destination attributes must specify objects that correspond to the specified destination type. If a destination type of Durable Topic is specified, the additional fields of Durable Topic ClientID and Durable Topic Subscription Label are used to configure the durable subscription.