Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Pass-Through Authentication Notes

Before Identity Manager 8.0, implementing pass-through authentication required that you edit a registry key and create a separate resource adapter dedicated to performing pass-through authentication. This adapter communicated with the NetWare resource through its own gateway.

As of Identity Manager 8.0, pass-through authentication to a NetWare resource can be performed with a single resource and gateway. If you implemented pass-through authentication in a version prior to 8.0 and want to use a single resource and gateway, perform the following procedure.

ProcedureImplementing Pass-Through Authentication (Versions Prior to 8.0)

  1. Delete the pass-through authentication resource from your NDS login module group.

  2. If you want to delete the pass-through authentication resource from Identity Manager, first delete or modify the common resources attribute of the System Configuration object.

    <Attribute name=’common resources’>
          <Attribute name=’NDS Group’>

    If your NDS group contains only the NDS resource and pass-through authentication host, then delete the entire Attribute element. Otherwise, delete the string that defines the pass-through authentication host.

  3. Delete the pass-through authentication resource from the Resources page.

  4. If the gateway is no longer needed on the pass-through authentication host, you may disable the gateway service and remove the application.