Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Security Notes

This section provides information about supported connections and privilege requirements.

Supported Connections

The Gateway service should be used to connect to a NetWare NDS resource. The Gateway service uses a TCP/IP socket connection (3 DES) for exchanging password information on the network.

You can also use standard LDAP or LDAP over SSLP to connect to the NetWare NDS server. In this scenario, use the LDAP resource adapter.

Required Administrative Privileges

The Identity Manager administrator must have the proper NDS rights to create a NetWare user. By default, a NetWare administrator has all rights in the Directory and in the NetWare file system.

To perform password administration, an NDS administrator must have Compare, Read, and Write rights on the following properties:

The Identity Manager administrator account performing functions with NDS SecretStore must be defined as a SecretStore administrator.