Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Cascade Deletes

The noCascade account attribute indicates whether to perform cascade drops when deleting users. By default, cascade drops are performed. To disable cascade drops:

ProcedureDisabling Cascade Drops

  1. Add an entry to updatableAttributes section of System Configuration Object:

    <Attribute name=’Delete’>
          <Attribute name=’all’>
  2. Add a field to the deprovision form:

    <Field name=’resourceAccounts.currentResourceAccounts
       <Display class=’Checkbox’>
          <Property name=’title’ value=’Do NOT Cascade MyOracleResource Delete’/>
          <Property name=’alignment’ value=’left’/>
  3. Add the noCascade account attribute to Oracle Resource schema.

    If the user owns objects and the do not cascade option is selected, Oracle will throw an error. The user will not be deleted.

  4. Add a noCascade field to the user form so that the attribute can be disabled. For example:

    <Field name=’global.noCascade’>