Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Identity Manager Installation Notes

The Oracle ERP resource adapter is a custom adapter. You must perform the following steps to complete the installation process:

ProcedureInstalling the Oracle ERP Resource Adapter

  1. To add an Oracle resource to the Identity Manager resources list, you must add the following value in the Custom Resources section of the Configure Managed Resources page.

  2. If you are connecting to Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) using a thin driver, specify a value in the following format in the Connection URL on the Resource parameters page:

  3. If you are using the JDBC thin driver in an environment that does not use Oracle Real Application Clusters, copy the JAR file that contains the JDBC thin driver classes to the $WSHOME$/WEB-INF/lib directory. The JAR file must be compatible with the JDK version of your application server.

  4. If you are using a different driver, specify the driver and connection URL on the Resource Parameters page.

    The Oracle ERP adapter supports Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) version 11.5.9 without further modification; however, the following additional changes are required to support EBS version 11.5.10 and 12:

  5. Delete the responsibilities account attribute from the schema map and add the directResponsibilities and indirectResponsibilities attributes.

  6. Add the following properties to the FormRef attribute to any Oracle ERP user form :

    • RESOURCE_NAME. Specifies the ERP resource name

      • VERSION. Specifies the version of the ERP resource. Allowed values are 11.5.9, 11.5.10, 12.

      • RESP_DESCR_COL_EXISTS. Defines whether the description column exists in the fnd_user_resp_groups_direct table. This property is required if Version is 11.5.10 or 12. Allows values are TRUE and FALSE.

        For example, the Tabbed User Form may need to be modified in a manner similar to the following to support EBS version 12.

        <FormRef name=’Oracle ERP User Form’>
           <Property name=’RESOURCE_NAME’ value=’Oracle ERP R12’/>
           <Property name=’VERSION’ value=’12’/>
           <Property name=’RESP_DESCR_COL_EXISTS’ value=’TRUE’/>