Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Auditing Responsibilities

To audit the sub-items (such as forms and functions) of responsibilities assigned to users, add the auditorObject to the schema map. auditorObject is a complex attribute that contains a set of responsibility objects. The following attributes are always returned in a responsibility object:

Note –

readOnly and ReadWrite attributes are identified by querying the PARAMETERS column in the fnd_form_functions table for one of the following:

If the Return Set of Books and/or Organization resource parameter is set to TRUE, the following attributes are also returned:

With the exception of the responsibility, setOfBooksName, setOfBooksId, organizationalUnitId, and organizationalUnitName attributes, the attribute names match account attribute names that may be added to the schema map. The account attributes contain an aggregate set of values that are assigned to the user. The attributes that are contained in the responsibility objects are specific to the responsibility.

The auditorResps[] view provides access to the responsibility attributes. The following form snippet returns all the active responsibilities (and their attributes) assigned to a user .

<defvar name=’audObj’>
   <invoke name=’get’>
      <ref>accounts[Oracle ERP 11i VIS].auditorObject</ref>
<!-- this returns list of responsibility objects -->
<defvar name=’respList’>
   <invoke name=’get’>

For example: