Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Step 5: Enable Auditing

From the Application Designer, you will enable auditing on the JOB and PERSONAL_DATA tables, and possibly on the POSITION_DATA and EMPLOYMENT tables. This is record-level auditing that writes a simple summary record with the operator and the EMPLID of the changed record.

ProcedureUpdating your PeopleTools database objects

  1. Launch the Application Designer.

  2. Select File— >Open to display the Open Object dialog.

  3. Select Record from the Object type menu, and then type JOB in the Name field.

  4. Click Open to open the record.

  5. Select File—>Properties to open the record properties, and then click the Use tab.

  6. In the Record Name field, select AUDIT_PRS_DATA.

  7. In the Audit Options area, select the Add, Change, and Delete options. Leave the Selective option unchecked.

    Repeat these steps for the PERSONAL_DATA table and other tables that will be triggers for data synchronization.

    Note –

    For more information, see “Creating Record Definitions” in the Application Designer documentation.