Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Account Attributes

The account attributes for the PeopleSoft Component Interface resource depend on the component interface being managed.

Each entry of the schema map should have a Resource User Attribute name that matches one of the entries in the “properties” list defined for the component interface in the Component Interface Map. When editing the schema map, you can click the Test Configuration button to verify an appropriate match can be found.

If the Resource User Attribute name matches a collection property in the component interface map, the value for the account attribute will be an XML string representation of the collection. For examples of manipulating collection properties, see the sample user form field accounts[PeopleSoft Component Interface].ps_roles.

Note –

The default schema map entries that are defined for a new resource instance are appropriate only when used with the default USER_PROFILE and DELETE_USER_PROFILE component interface maps. If you change these maps, or create your own, then you must change your schema map accordingly.

All account attributes are of type String.

Identity Manager User Attribute  

Resource User Attribute  




A description of the user. 



Required. The user’s symbolic ID. 



A list of user types assigned to the user. 



A list of rules assigned to the user. 



The user’s e-mail address. This attribute is available only on older PeopleTools releases. It is not on the schema map by default. 



A list of user email addresses. This attribute is available only on 8.4x PeopleTools releases. It is not on the schema map by default.