Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Support for Additional Segments

The RACF adapter can be configured to support attributes that are not in the segments supported by default.

ProcedureConfiguring the RACF Adapter to Support Attributes

  1. Create an AttrParse object that parses the segment. See Chapter 49, Implementing the AttrParse Object for information about defining custom AttrParse objects. Example AttrParse objects are defined in $WSHOME/web/sample/attrparse.xml.

  2. Add a ResourceAttribute element to the RACF resource object. For example:

    <ResourceAttribute name=’WORKATTR Segment AttrParse’ 
       displayName=’WORKATTR Segment AttrParse’ 
       description=’AttrParse for WORKATTR Segment’ 
       value=’Default RACF WORKATTR Segment AttrParse’>

    This example adds a field labeled WORKATTR Segment AttrParse to the Resource Parameters page. The value assigned to the name attribute must be of the form SegmentName Segment AttrParse.

  3. Add an element to the RACF resource object that defines a custom account attribute.

    <AccountAttributeType id=’32’ name=’WORKATTR Account’ syntax=’string’ 
      mapName=’WORKATTR.WAACCNT’ mapType=’string’>

    The value of the mapName attribute must be of the form SegmentName.AttributeName. When the adapter detects a mapName in this format, it asks RACF for the specified segment and uses the object specified in the SegmentName Segment AttrParse field to parse it.