Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Additional Table Support

The SAP adapter can provision to any SAP table called by BAPI_USER_CREATE1 and BAPI_USER_CHANGE, most notably the GROUPS and PARAMETER tables. To enable this feature for any table other than GROUPS, you must add a Resource User Attribute to the schema map in the format SAP_Table_Name->Table. (For example, PARAMETER->Table.) The attribute must be assigned the complex data type.

The adapter provides an account attribute of type string named GROUPS->USERGROUP account attribute. This attribute processes data from the GROUPS table. By default, this attribute type is string. When this attribute type set to string, the adapter processes values as a list of strings. If you want the adapter to process data from the table in the same manner as other tables, you must change the data type to complex.

The $WSHOME/web/sample/forms/SAPUserForm.xml file contains an example user form that illustrates how the GROUP table is managed using a string account attribute type as well as a complex attribute type.