Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Generating an IDoc

ProcedureTo Generate an IDoc

  1. Enter transaction code PFAL.

  2. Insert the Object Type P for person objects.

  3. Enter an Employee’s ID for the Object ID or select a range of employees.

  4. Click Execute.

  5. Ensure that the status is set to “passed to port okay.”

  6. The IDoc has been created. Check the Active Sync adapter log file to verify that an update was received.

Object Types in the iDoc

The “objecttypes to read from SAP HR” resource attribute allows processing of different iDoc types from SAP HR. Identity Manager determines the object type by checking the OTYPE of the iDoc. This multivalued attribute supports any combination of the following values: P, CP, S, C and O.

Not all available object types are resource objects. The following mapping applies to the object types:

Identity Manager process the user-related iDoc's types P and CP if no object types are configures, and these object types will provide the basic user information.

The user-related iDocs not only process iDoc data, but trigger BAPI calls unless the resource is configured not to do so. You must configure the “Process rule” on the resource if the objects O and/or C are processed. Via the process rule, you must allow for two distinct object types to be processed. User-related objects (iDoc types P, CP, and S) will have the accountId mapped to the SAP HR PERNR as before. The O and C type do not have a relation to a person and consequently will not have an accountId mapped. The other attribute that allows for object type identification is the OTYPE from the iDoc when mapped.

Any attribute from the iDoc must be mapped in the resource configuration to be returned to the Identity Manager server. All object types support future processing.