Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Scheduling a Job

ProcedureTo Schedule a Job

  1. Enter transaction code SM36.

  2. Name the job.

  3. Assign Job Class. Job Class is the priority in which jobs are processed. Class A is the highest priority and will be processed first. For a production environment, assign the class to B or C.

  4. Schedule a start time. Click the Start Condition tab, then click Date and Time. Enter a scheduled start time, which must be a future event.

    1. Mark the job as a periodic job. Click the Periodic Values tab, schedule how frequently you want the job to run, then press Enter. For testing purposes, setting this period to 5 minutes.

    2. Click Save.

  5. Define the job steps.

    1. Enter the ABAP program name: RBDMIDOC.

    2. Select the variant you created in the previous step.

  6. Click Save (Note: Click Save once; otherwise, the job will be scheduled to run multiple times).