Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Creating a CPIC User

SAP Basis users are client-dependent. For each SAP HR Active Sync adapter that will be using the driver, a system user with CPIC access must be created.

ProcedureTo Create a CPIC User

  1. From User Maintenance in SAP, enter a username in the user dialog box, then click the Create icon.

  2. Click the Address tab, then enter data in the last name and format fields.

  3. Click the Logon Data tab, then define the initial password and set the user type to CPIC.

  4. Click the Profiles tab, then add the SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW and S_A.CPIC profiles.

  5. Click Save.

    Note –

    Initially, you can create a dialog user to test your SAP system configuration. If there are processing problems, you can analyze the dialog user in the debugger. You should also log into the SAP system once to set this user’s password. After the system is tested and works properly, you should switch to a CPIC user for security measures.