Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Usage Notes

This section provides information related to using the SAP HR Active Sync resource adapter, which is organized into the following sections:

General Notes

The following general notes are provided for the resource:

Enabling Secure Network Communications (SNC) Connections

By default, the SAP adapter uses the SAP Java Connector (JCo) to communicate with the SAP adapters. For information about implementing SNC connections, see Chapter 54, Enabling Secure Network Communications (SNC) Connections.

SAP JCO and RFC Tracing

The SAPHRActiveSyncAdapter provides resource attributes for SAP JCO and RFC tracing. They can be used to trace Identity Manager’s communication with the SAP system. The attributes are JCO Trace Level and JCO Trace Directory.

The following environment variables can be set in the environment to enable SAP RFC tracing. These variables must be set in the environment before starting the application server. They control the shared library that JCO uses to communicate with the SAP system.

Note –

If no JCO tracing is desired, set RFC_TRACE to 0 to ensure that no trace files are created.