Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

SAP Enterprise Portal

Resource Object Management

SAP Groups and Roles are supported.

Identity Template


Sample Forms

A sample form is available at sample/forms/SAPPortalUserForm.xml is available. When this sample form is used, you must also import sample/rules/SAPPortalUserFormRules.xml.


Use the Identity Manager debug pages to set trace options on the following class:


Additionally, you can set the following Identity Manager logging parameters for the resource instance:

To view the log for the portal service on the SAP Enterprise Portal server, see the WEB-INF/portal/logs/idm.log file on the SAP server installation file

The portal service uses the logger idm_logger, which is defined in the PAR in the PORTAL-INF/logger/logger.xml file. By default, the idm_logger is set to log ALL messages