Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

getAccountIterator Action

The getAccountIterator action returns an object used to perform iteration of existing users.

If you wish to perform account iteration (reconciliation, Load From Resource), either this action or the listAll action must be defined.

If the getAccountIterator action is not defined, then account iteration will be performed by calling listAll, and then calling getUser for each ID in the list from listAll.

If the getAccountIterator action is not defined and the listAll action is not defined, then account iteration is not supported.


The actionContext map will contain the following entries:


Value Type  

Value Description  



Provides 3270 emulation access to a mainframe. 



Adapter instance 



The string getAccountIterator.



An object used to trace execution. Scripts can use methods of this class to make itself “debuggable” in a customer environment. 

Return Value

The script must return a Java object that implements the Java interface com.waveset.adapter.ScriptedHostAccessAdapter.ObjectIterator.

public interface ObjectIterator {
    public boolean hasNext();
   public void next(java.util.Map nextObj);
    public void close();

The nextObj Map argument to the next() method is to be populated by the script in the same manner as the result entry discussed in the getUser action.

Error Handling

Any throw from within the script is considered an iteration failure.

Any thrown exceptions encountered while invoking methods on the Java object returned from the script are also considered iteration failures.