Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Security Notes

This section provides information about supported connections and privilege requirements.

Supported Connections

Identity Manager can use the following to communicate with the SecurID ACE/Server adapter:

For SSHPubKey connections, the private key must be specified on the Resource Parameters page. The key must include comment lines such as --- BEGIN PRIVATE KEY --- and --- END PRIVATE KEY --. The public key must be placed in the /.ssh/authorized_keys file on the server.

Required Administrative Privileges

The user specified in the Login User resource parameter (on UNIX) or in the Administrator Login resource parameter (on Windows) must be assigned to an administrative role that has the ability to run user- and token-related tasks.

You can use a test connection to test whether

A test connection can use different command options than a normal provision run.

Note –

The Resource SecurID Administrators report lists all available administrators for the SecurID resource. This report describes the properties of each administrator, including administrator name, Admin level, Admin task list, Admin site, and Admin group. You can download this report in both .csv and .pdf formats.